Tufting + Texture

Personal Work, 2020

Tufting is a method of punching yarn into a loose weave fabric like monks cloth or linen stretched into a canvas. This method has traditionally been used to create rugs, but can also make wall hangings, pillows, and baskets. 

tufting 6 copy.jpg

Throw Pillows, 2020

tufting 3.jpg
tufting 9 copy.jpg

What I love about this method is although time consuming, it is also meditative. There is something soothing about working with textures and a beauty in the subtlety. As long as you have patience, inspiration and time the options are really limitless.

See in process show below.

tufting 5 copy.jpg

To the left is a piece in progress, inspired by Scandinavian folk art, I call it the celebration of spring and it will likely turn into a basket. Usually I plan out my design on my iPad before I mark it on the stretched canvas, just to be sure I will like the result, so not to waste time unpicking the design if it does not turn out. It is best to lay out the outlines before commencing the filling in process.  

tufting geometric.jpg
tufting copy.jpg

Vases, 2020