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Abstract Exploration

Personal Work, 2020

 Keeping a jungle theme in mind, I complied photos for this print design exercise. The moody atmosphere of colour gel photography combined with abstract watercolour paintings creates a feeling of a drowsy jungle mystique. I wanted to make a small collection of versatile prints inspired by this theme of the jungle at night.

Mood Board / Colour Gel Abstract Jungle

Fashion photography.jpg
abstract painting moody.png
moody leaves.png
akatre studio.png

Moody colours

Pop of cyan


Lively textures


Print 1 - Jungle Leaves



jungle leaves repeat web copy.jpg
jungle leaves green web.jpg
jungle leggings.jpg
jungle leaves web copy.jpg

Full Repeat

I sketched a couple ideas of which kind of leaves I would like to use, and landed on a banana leaf because I like the inner lines. I then edited the leaf into three variants for visual interest and collaged them together in Photoshop, playing around with the colours to make them look as though it were night time.

Print 2 - Midnight River Paradise

iPad Pro Procreate + Photoshop

jungle river backpack copy.jpg
jungle river paradise pattern blank.jpg
jungle river paradise web 3.jpg

Full Repeat


Inspired by rivers and watercolours, I started off drawing lines and filling them in to create a river flowing effect. Creating the line work and the painting on different layers kept it easily editable. I drew some paradise flowers to keep it interesting and dynamic, tying it back to the jungle theme.

jungle river paradise pattern web.jpg

Print 3 - Textured Jungle Floor

iPad Pro Procreate + Photoshop

forest floor jacket print.jpg
jungle floor painting web.jpg
Blurred Jungle Floor.jpg

Full Repeat


I wanted to include a very large painted piece with the texture of the jungle floor. I wanted it to be more subtle, but still have a depth to it. I layered many painting layers from watercolours to acrylic to get painterly strokes and interesting textures. The repeat was painted at 24x40 so as to not see the repeat if it were printed and used on large scale pattern pieces.

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